Company Tundag

The story thus far....

A written log following the Fated Four of Company Tundag

Kaleb the Rogue – Halfling Rogue

Fugaz the Firemind – Tiefling Wizard

Sansin the Meek – Dwarven Cleric of Moradin

Torvel the Bold – Dwarven Paladin of Moradin

From Highmoon to Winterhaven - The four adventurers set out from Highmoon to the sleepy resort town of Winterhaven, famous for it’s hot springs and fine food and drink. The Fated Four wound their way from the base of The Thunder Peaks to the mid level plateau sheltering Winterhaven from the ravages of the high mountain weather. On their way they escorted a priestess of Chauntea back to Winterhaven. The party saved her from the rough hand of a group of drunk brutes. Within a tavern of a small supply village at the base of the mountain, the Fated Four did their first heroic deed.

The Keep on the Shadowfell - Once the adventurers arrived in the town of Winterhaven they made short work of ridding the surrounding area around the town of all the vile critters they could find. Kobolds ran and hid in caves deep below Faerun, rousing their black scaled dragon master from his seasonal slumber. While this was happening near the city, within it’s walls a shadowy evil lurked. The Fated Four traced the evil to a nearby abandoned keep by visiting a dragon burial site and exposing a cult of Shar within Winterhaven’s walls. Eventually the Fated Four routed the ancient Keep of all evil with the help of an unlikely hero – Splug, a goblin. Together, Splug and the Fated Four sent a cleric of Shar reeling back into the Shadowfell….vanquishing the evil from the keep.

Company Yargo - After the Keep was cleansed, the heroes came into contact with Company Yargo. One of the famous Five Companies of the floating pirate city. Kaleb had ties with the captain of this ship, a beautiful halfling female by the name of Shil. His intimate relationship with the pirate captain gained him the scorn of a devil named Villisi Carravaggio, Shil’s current love interest and all around bag of douche. This cambian also pirates a skyship, The Vindicator. Although he bares no allegiance to The Five Companies, his hands are dipped deeply into the pot of Company Yargo… the Fated Four have learned.

The Kobold Menace & The Master - A kobold menace was pestering the outskirts of Winterhaven until the Fated Four traced these dragon droppings back to a cave behind a waterfall where they faced off with a horde of kobolds headed up by a goblin named Irontooth. It became clear that the goblin was also working for the cleric of Shar who they routed from the Keep days prior. A note was found referencing this as well as “the master.” The Master turned out to be a young black dragon who the kobolds worshiped like a god.

Company Tundag - After being persuaded by Company Yargo, the Fated Four returned to the kobold lair, turning the black dragon corpse over to Company Yargo for undisclosed reasons and promises of a grand reward which never surfaced. To make the matter worse, the Fated Four came to realize that a group by the name of The Cult of The Dragon had procured the services of Company Yargo through the manipulation at the hand of Villisi and his Vindicator. It is clear that Villisi is puppetting Company Yargo into going after even more dragons to fuel the numbers of the cults undead Dracolich ranks. During this time, the Fated Four were set upon by Company Tundag, who sought them out at Winterhaven. Claiming a call from Moradin himself guided them to the Fated Four, the two dwarves, Torvel and Sansin could not resist even the ties of the great earth under their feet. They set off for the skies with Kaleb, Fugaz and The Company! Sailing the skies in a glorious skyship…..on to high adventures!

The Deep Maw - The Fated Four and Company Tundag set off together on their first mission. They set down in a deep crater of a mountain. Destroying a nest of harpies and a beastly wyvern to gain the respect of Cpatain Kurkar, a fiery red bearded dwarf who has seen centuries of adventure.

The Tomb of Donovan Chesterfield - The adventurers took off for Candlekeep, picking up their benefactor for their latest mission – an elderly man by the name of Winchester Chesterfield. The mission accepted by the company was to take Winchester to the tomb of his great uncle – the bard Donovan. Here the kin to the great bard would open the sealed tomb for the Fated Four to enter and retrieve a cherished heirloom, Donvan’s guitar. The guitar is to be duplicated and utilized as a great offering at the Sylvan Citadel in the Chondalwood celebrating the passing of a great harvest season for the communities. However, the mission went array. The adventurers did a grand job of clearing out the ooze infested tomb. The tomb itself, a victim of a tremor that broke through it’s foundation…crumbling passageways to the Underdark letting loose the vile ooze population within the walls of the sacred resting place. After the tomb was clear, Winchester became distraught as Fugaz and Kaleb tried to steal precious family heirlooms and magical items that were left in the final resting places of tone of the Realms greatest bards. The heir activated a Safestone and returned to Candlekeep, thankful to have gotten the guitar but confused over the unfortunate situation.



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