Company Tundag

Sylvan Citadel

After reconciling with Winchester Chesterfield, Fugaz and Kaleb joined the rest of Company Tundag to fly from Candlekeep to the Chondalwood. The Foe Hammer dropped the adventureres on the thin outskirts of the woods. The Fated Four were tasked with delivering the heirloom guitar of Donovan Chesterfield to the harvest offering altar housed within the walls of the Sylvan Citadel. The Citadel exists on the Feywild and only appears at night under the light of a full moon.

The adventurers were paired with a couple Eladrin guides who were to lead the four to an abandoned moathouse. Once at the moathouse, the characters could enter, find a hidden tunnel named the Serpent Trail and follow that out to a shallow ravine the leads directly to the Sylvan Citadel. The trees in the Chondalwood tend to move at times and play tricks on travelers. Unfortunately, the group was set upon by phase spiders and their guides were killed, taken away and eaten (not bitten).

The group then had to use all of their skills to find their way to the abandoned moathouse. Eight hours and eight sore feet later, the four finally found their way to the moathouse. Within the confines of the walls the group fought a hard battle against some local wild gnomes, wood woads and a shambling mound. Kaleb entered first to scout out the area but was quickly set upon by the shambling mound. Kaleb slashed at the plant beast and positioned him near his allies, but also blocking entry to the moathouse. With the party split, the resident gnomes and wood woads swept in on Kaleb, almost ending his halfling life. Eventually the dwarves and the tiefling destroyed the shambling mound and entered the moathouse, routing it of all enemy activity.

After a long and well deserved rest, the group then followed the Serpent Trail underground for around and hour and a half….eventually coming out right at the shallow ravine. The Fated Four followed the ravine to the Sylvan Citadel and made the offering for Winchester Chesterfield at one of the four great altars. Celebration, song and food were in the air as the crew filled their bellies before hitting the road once again, back to the moathouse via the Serpent Trail. The Fated Four now hope to return through the Chondalwood and find their way back to the Foe Hammer and Company Tundag.



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