Company Tundag

A Giant Problem

The next Tundag charter had the group traveling to the city of Brokevain on the northwest side of the Snowflake Mountains. Captain Kurkar suited up and joined the group as they set down in the nearby river. Giants were already attacking the town! From the air the group saw at least three frenzied hill giants ravaging the town. Fires burned… debris and blood soaked bodies layed scattered like brown leaves blown by the wind. The group noticed two giants attacking their own kin…or rather trying to subdue them. This giant shaman was calling earthen talons to hold down one giant but only momentarily. When the group entered the fight the shaman and his young hill giant companion fled up in the mountain.

The battle was fierce. The giants eyes were consumed with rage and had an inky black substance oozing from their eyes. They threw rocks and charged recklessly…picking up dead or wounded bodies to use as makeshift clubs. It was a struggle but in the end the group triumphed and met with town leader Lord Tannon Schumacher. He explained how the giants were always a peaceful neighbor who traded with them regularly…even defending the town from a raiding orc band at one point in the past. Lord Tannon pleaded with the group to try a diplomatic approach if at all possible. It is clear that he is relieved that Company Tundag is on the job. He thought heroes were only the thing of stories, never would he have thought they would actually show up. Captain Kurkar agreed to stay in the city with a small group of dwarves to defend against any attack. The heroes headed up into the mountains.

Along the way a rock sailed by them and a giant claimed “I didn’t have to miss.” The party believed him and recognized him as the young giant who was with the shaman. The same giants who were attacking their frenzied kin and fled when the heroes arrived in town, fearful they would be mistaken for enemies. The hill giant elder came forth reluctantly only when it was certain that he would not be harmed. The shaman’s name is Morzul…and the young giants were named Fenel and Rengie. Morzul told the heroes that a younger shaman…one of a an unsavory nature recently uncovered something deep in the depths of the giants cave. It has consumed him and as a result the hill giant chieftain Varrg – beastly giant known to suffer from lycanthropy. Morzul was kicked out of the clan for being a “non-believer.” As a result, Morzul has been defending the town from the frenzied attacks by his kin while trying to not kill them. He hopes they can be saved…he hopes someone, anyone can get to the artifact while not slaying the entire giant clan. He has not been very successful and he has two wounded giants to show for it as well as some unsightly wounds himself. Sansin tended to their wounds but it is apparent they need a long rest.

The party and Morzul came to an agreement. The giants would stay here and fend off any attack before it may get to the town and Captain Kurkar. If the attack is large they will aid the town in cooperation with Kurkar. A welcome added insurance policy. Morzul pointed them up the mountain and told them where to look for a cave entrance. This cave leads to the hill giant’s den…and deep within lies the remnants of the consumed giant tribe. The chieftain, his son, the remaining warriors and the vile Shaman Veenzin. It is the later that is compelling the giants to insanity utilizing whatever was unearthed deep under the giants home. According to Morzul the other shaman named Veenzin was creating crazed giant slaves by forcing them to touch them, in private to confront what he found. Morzul tells the party that their home in the mountain is not a labyrinth and consists of a pretty straight forward layout of caves. He draws it for them on the ground and uses simple magick to highlight main features of the lair. Morzul implores the group to save as many of his kin as possible. He says they will have an ally in Growbb, the chieftains son…if he has not been corrupted by Veenzin that is.

The group made their way into the caverns and confronted their first contingent of giants. There were a few dead giants lying around the caverns, their eyes conspicuously absent of any vile black goo….the telltale sign that the giant has come into contact with whatever was unearthed below the giants home. The group battled and knocked out a few black-eyed giants including a couple females. It is clear that the giants lair is in civil war at the moment with those who are still clear of mind fighting back against the insanely driven giant nightmares. They then made their way to a prison type area and freed some remaining clear-eyed giants who are unfortunately in no condition to fight. They inform the heroes that they are the only ones left that have not been “taken below.” Growbb fled to the upper caverns and they haven’t seen him or heard what happened to him since after he got into a bloody fight with his father. The chieftain, those loyal to him and the corrupt shaman Veenzin are below forcing giants to succumb to the influence of whatever the shaman discovered.



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