Company Tundag

A Giant Problem

The next Tundag charter had the group traveling to the city of Brokevain on the northwest side of the Snowflake Mountains. Captain Kurkar suited up and joined the group as they set down in the nearby river. Giants were already attacking the town! From the air the group saw at least three frenzied hill giants ravaging the town. Fires burned… debris and blood soaked bodies layed scattered like brown leaves blown by the wind. The group noticed two giants attacking their own kin…or rather trying to subdue them. This giant shaman was calling earthen talons to hold down one giant but only momentarily. When the group entered the fight the shaman and his young hill giant companion fled up in the mountain.

The battle was fierce. The giants eyes were consumed with rage and had an inky black substance oozing from their eyes. They threw rocks and charged recklessly…picking up dead or wounded bodies to use as makeshift clubs. It was a struggle but in the end the group triumphed and met with town leader Lord Tannon Schumacher. He explained how the giants were always a peaceful neighbor who traded with them regularly…even defending the town from a raiding orc band at one point in the past. Lord Tannon pleaded with the group to try a diplomatic approach if at all possible. It is clear that he is relieved that Company Tundag is on the job. He thought heroes were only the thing of stories, never would he have thought they would actually show up. Captain Kurkar agreed to stay in the city with a small group of dwarves to defend against any attack. The heroes headed up into the mountains.

Along the way a rock sailed by them and a giant claimed “I didn’t have to miss.” The party believed him and recognized him as the young giant who was with the shaman. The same giants who were attacking their frenzied kin and fled when the heroes arrived in town, fearful they would be mistaken for enemies. The hill giant elder came forth reluctantly only when it was certain that he would not be harmed. The shaman’s name is Morzul…and the young giants were named Fenel and Rengie. Morzul told the heroes that a younger shaman…one of a an unsavory nature recently uncovered something deep in the depths of the giants cave. It has consumed him and as a result the hill giant chieftain Varrg – beastly giant known to suffer from lycanthropy. Morzul was kicked out of the clan for being a “non-believer.” As a result, Morzul has been defending the town from the frenzied attacks by his kin while trying to not kill them. He hopes they can be saved…he hopes someone, anyone can get to the artifact while not slaying the entire giant clan. He has not been very successful and he has two wounded giants to show for it as well as some unsightly wounds himself. Sansin tended to their wounds but it is apparent they need a long rest.

The party and Morzul came to an agreement. The giants would stay here and fend off any attack before it may get to the town and Captain Kurkar. If the attack is large they will aid the town in cooperation with Kurkar. A welcome added insurance policy. Morzul pointed them up the mountain and told them where to look for a cave entrance. This cave leads to the hill giant’s den…and deep within lies the remnants of the consumed giant tribe. The chieftain, his son, the remaining warriors and the vile Shaman Veenzin. It is the later that is compelling the giants to insanity utilizing whatever was unearthed deep under the giants home. According to Morzul the other shaman named Veenzin was creating crazed giant slaves by forcing them to touch them, in private to confront what he found. Morzul tells the party that their home in the mountain is not a labyrinth and consists of a pretty straight forward layout of caves. He draws it for them on the ground and uses simple magick to highlight main features of the lair. Morzul implores the group to save as many of his kin as possible. He says they will have an ally in Growbb, the chieftains son…if he has not been corrupted by Veenzin that is.

The group made their way into the caverns and confronted their first contingent of giants. There were a few dead giants lying around the caverns, their eyes conspicuously absent of any vile black goo….the telltale sign that the giant has come into contact with whatever was unearthed below the giants home. The group battled and knocked out a few black-eyed giants including a couple females. It is clear that the giants lair is in civil war at the moment with those who are still clear of mind fighting back against the insanely driven giant nightmares. They then made their way to a prison type area and freed some remaining clear-eyed giants who are unfortunately in no condition to fight. They inform the heroes that they are the only ones left that have not been “taken below.” Growbb fled to the upper caverns and they haven’t seen him or heard what happened to him since after he got into a bloody fight with his father. The chieftain, those loyal to him and the corrupt shaman Veenzin are below forcing giants to succumb to the influence of whatever the shaman discovered.

The Show Must Go On

Captain Kurkar called a meeting with the Tundag council. He explained the ruse put forth by the unwitting Shil Yargo. The pen was truly mightier than the sword in those rigged negotiations. Kurkar basically told the group that he feels better with them at his side. Company Tundag should ride again! He then produced the warrant for Villisi’s capture – dead or alive for crimes against the Five Companies. All of the companies have this order and Kurkar feels that if Villisi were to come at them it is better to all be together than separated. The group enthusiastically agree and a call is let out – COMPANY TUNDAG, HUZZAH!

The group set out on their first charter since returning. An escort mission to the Pyramid of the Moon. Along the way they encounter a darkly clad wizard on board hitching a ride to the Pyramid. He introduced himself as Osiris. He happened to have the key that Fugaz was looking for! He also hoped to not return from The Pyramid of the Moon…a strange place that never appears in the same placetwice and only when Selune’s constellation is the most bright and the moon is full. Here one can visit those who have passed on…particularly if they are devoted to Selune. This usually takes place near the jungles of Chult.

After flying around for quite some time the Foehammer spied the pyramid off in the distance. The touched down and had a scrappy encounter with some rogue Yuan-Ti on their way. At the Pyramid the group entered and kind of got lost in the revelry as there was much rejoicing within. Song, dance, poetry, laughter….the atmosphere itself was literally quite intoxicating. The group managed to pull themselves out of it however and make it back to the Foehammer. They never learned what happened to the dark mage Osiris.

Back at Tower Tundag the group restocked supplies and prepared to get on with yet another charter. Hoping that they find Villisi before the dastardly pirate comes at them again in an ambush or worse.

Returning to Almraiven

The four found Cassipo the artist after traversing the strange far realm. He was delirious and speaking chaotically but joined the group. Eventually the group made their way to Thuriya and the overcame her shifting terrain tactics and potent spells. When she fell three avatars of the stars appeared from within her. The Scion of Gibbeth, The Maw of Arcanum and the Herald of Hadar. These three entities proved very formidable but with sound teamwork the group bested them as well and fled through the book back to Almraiven.

The group met up with the town guard and explained what happened. They turned Thuriya over to the guard who took her to the Temple of Chanteau to rest and heal. The guard as well as the college are most grateful and promise the hero’s rewards. The college agrees to locate any magic item of their chosen within reason for each of the four and the guard offers them other rewards. Thuriya also expressed interest in meeting back up with the group to thank them once she is healed.

At Tundag tower the group were seeing to an odd revelation. Villisi’s trial had come and gone. Kaleb seemed to have secured the vote needed to exile Villisi from the Five Companies towers but from the pirate city itself. The cambion also retained possession of his ship, curently in the hands of Tower Tundag. Even though Kaleb spoke with all the companies urging them to execute the pirate his vote was cast for exile confusing many and angering some. Captain Kurkar wanted to speak with the halfling but Kaleb was busy trying to work on the remains of the Vindicator. He had visions of some kind of trap door or something. The other three met up with him and asked what happened and it was assumed that Shil had indeed pulled the wool over Kalebs eyes and got him to help her free Villisi.

The four were surprised to see Company Yargo flying towards them in their airship. Villisi gloating behind Shil at the rail. As they bot antagonized Company Tundag and notably Kaleb the group pointed out that Villisi was not going to get his ship back the way he wanted it. He smiled wickedly proclaiming that he already had a ship as he drove his rapier through Shil and cast her over the side of the airship! She hit the top of Tower Tundag with a sickening thud and Torvel used his boots of quickness to make it to her side. Sansin joined him and they tried to do whatever they could to help Shil but she was non responsive.

On the boat, the Buccaneer’s Tear, a mutiny began as what remained of Villisi’s faithful attacked the halflings and human ranks of Yargo. What became of this mutiny is uncertain but a few halflings were cast over the side by the vile dwarves as the boat veered off into the distance away from the floating city. Tundag now has vital information of the attempted murder of the head of Company Yargo and the hijacking of the Buccaneer’s Tear.

Dustwell and Beyond

In the dusty area of town reserved for artists, poets and struggling musicians the group encountered two vicious Hounds of Tindalos. As fierce as they were the were no rival for their fearless pack lord. This trio was also joined by a large tentacled horror. These formidable opponents proved extremely tough to take down for even though well placed hits rang true they were displaced by the distorting aura of the odd beasts.

Being an not too prominent are of town the Dustwell is not regularly patrolled by the town guards. Even though there were a couple willing guards they were no match for the outsider beasts. A couple wizards tried to get involved but were also no help. Only through perseverance did the four finally best the foul monsters. Well that and the timely assistance of the Captain of Company Yargo, Shil Yargo. She playfully antagonized Kaleb while weaving true strikes with her blades. The group then followed the trail of destruction left in the wake of the beasts carnage.

After the battle Shil spoke with the group as the guards arrived and got the story and began clean up. Shil told the group that she needed the signature of a crew member to seek out the Foehammer which has been out of port for too long. The Five Companies have a standing order to not get involved in other Companies business so this is necessary. Currently Company Yargo is the only docked boat out of the five companies able to perform the task as the confiscated Vindicator is still being rebuilt to Company Tundags specifications. Kaleb gave her his signature with a very finely weighted pen and watched that fine ass walk away with a bounce in her step. She told them to inquire with her later when they finished up with their business in town. Preparations are being made for Company Yargo to head out at dawns early light if need be.

After Shil left the group followed a trail of debris to Cassipo’s Studio – as proclaimed by the hand painted sign near where the front door should have been. The front facade of the dwelling having a rather huge hole in its exterior. Inside the group found the place in general disarray but the most notable feature was the larger than life pervulsion diagram drawn to precision on one major wall. The only notable feature out of the ordinary besides the artists belongings was a rather ornate dagger. There was a bit of blood on the handle but none on the ground or diagram-covered wall. As the group generally scrounged around for answers Kaleb approached the wall. In a mesmerized fashion the halfling reached out and touched the wall…the diagram expanding and contracting at odd angles as the lines of the intricately carved diagram were viewed at various angles. Kaleb then got a blank stare on his face as he reached out and picked up the dagger off the floor. He looked at the dagger for but a brief instance before taking it to his arm slashing a deep gash in his forearm. The group watched in horror as the rogues blood threatened to drip into a pool on the floor but instead flowed freely into the diagram filling the lines and turning the twisting piece of art into a crimson web. Kaleb’s body followed as he was ripped into the planar diagram. The four had no choice but to take the blade to themselves offering a sacrifice of blood in the hoped of following their small friend.

As they orient themselves once hitting an odd surface they realize they are not certain where they are. It is surely not Faerun however…the soft purple ground shifts and undulates irregularly. The plains swell upwards into hills that then suddenly melt away into valleys. Large chunks of the ground periodically tear themselves loose and float away. They descend and melt back into the surface some distance away similar to lava. The sky seems low enough to touch and is an iridescent green with reddish ripples shifting irregularly through it. There does not seem to be any plant or animal life here. Nothing is moving but the ground. It’s hard to be certain though as your sense of depth seems skewed here. There is no sign of the portal you came through nor Thuraiya or her artist friend Cassipo. However, the curve of the horizon is oddly close denoting this world is not very large…surely they must be around here somewhere.


The Foehammer left its latest dock of Candlekeep with quite a few scholars and wizardly types who were venturing to Almraiven in the war torn region of Calimshan for a magical symposium at the locally acclaimed arcane academy. During the symposium in which Fugaz gave a demonstration a number of firey genasi invaded the scene apparently looking for a “her” that was not there. In her stead they set their eyes on whatever wizard they could get their hands on from the stage…notably Fugaz.

The group dispatched these intruders as the battle spilled to the outside of the lecture hall. Some were fatally wounded while others were knocked unconscious by the more honorable of the party. Sansin even took to healing the wounded. It was not long before the town guard showed up on campus. While the guards were interrogating the prisoners Captain Azim was being briefed by the party. He got the low down from his subordinates and explained to the group that they were looking for a graduate student of the academy named Thuraiya who was suppose to be presenting at that time. She apparently did not show up and the genasi know that she was involved in some pretty revolutionary teleportation research. The genasi’s lord Memnon the Efreet instructed them to capture the scholar in the hopes that her research could allow his forces to assault Almraiven.

Azim asked them to follow three leads and help him as his men are stretched thin as it is. He told them to check out Thuraiya’s apartment, her office on campus and also gives them the name of a contact at the college library. The group first went to Thuraiya’s office. Here they found her lab notes that seem to indicate that she was “so close to a breakthrough” and that she needed to "find someone who could recreate the pervulsion diagram accurately and on a large scale. The notes indicate that the “pervulsian diagram” is a key to establishing large, semi-permanent gateway to another plane. As her notes go on and on they get more frantic and show signs of obsession. The turn in attitude occurs roughly three weeks ago.

Next they met with the librarian Beckley. The man wore glasses thicker than any the group had ever seen. The man explained that Thuraiya reviewed many books on magical theory, teleportation, and planar travel. Recently…three weeks ago she acquired three loaner books from Candlekeep. She checked back in all but one. Geometries of Planar Passage, Vol III. Beckley let the group inspect the other volumes on on Vol. II the group found a curious substance. Beckley checked the shipping manifest and indeed the book arrived in that condition form Candlekeep. The book had an odd oily black substance on it that shimmered purple iridescent in certain light.

Lastly they checked out her apartment. They got allowance in by Abra and Omran, a elderly landlord couple. This cramped space is quite tidy with no signs of anything unusual happening recently. Upon inspection the group find several odd sketches of diagrams similar to the ones in the books she referenced. The drawings are not well done and obviously scrawled by someone not skilled in the fine arts. On one of the notes amidst scrawled out nonsense are the words “Not good enough! Need a real artist!” The drawings do depict portal activity in some areas similar to the ones in the volumes from the library. Upon leaving the group asked Abra where they could find artists and she told them the “Dustwell” part of town and points them in the right direction.


The Fated Four enjoyed about a month of downtime in the floating pirate city of Yaulazna. The small city is noted around Faerun as one of the most convenient markets around since it literally can float to your very doorstep. The floating city regularly “docks” near large sites that are not near towns as well near very large towns as a sort of attraction. The shop owners of Yaulazna pay hefty prices to members of the Five Companies for exotic wares. Knowing that olive oil from Airspur is highly prized in Calimport can fetch one a nice living if they had the time. So much is true regarding other wares from around the realms. One can only imagine the mercantile not to mention political pull that each companies ruling council has to deal with throughout the realms. In general Yaulazna shies away from hostile territory, such as Netheril and Thay and is regarded as keeping out of Company business for the main part. There are exceptions however and the merchants of Yaulazna have recently been pressuring certain companies to get more and more exotic goods in greater and greater numbers. With airships still being a rarity around the Realms one can see why the Companies stay so busy.

The group enjoyed layover time in Waterdeep, Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter and has most recently docked above Candlekeep. Yaulazna is most welcome here as many scholars that shack up in the halls of the keep and drown themselves in books rarely set foot off the premises. Yaulazna caters specifically to theses types. Work continues on the restoration of Villisi’s Vindicator as the devil-pirate sits in lock up awaiting his pending trial for acts of hostility against the five companies. Each of the Five Companies has a vote in whether Villisi is pardoned of his wrong doings, exiles or worse. The Companies still run daily weekly charters. Captain Kurkar of Company Tundag made the Fated Four honorary members and they are welcome aboard the Foehammer at all times. Kurkar has been running minor charters that are area specific around Yaulazna, wherever it may be at the time. As business wraps up at Candlekeep the floating city of Yaulazna is scheduled to head to Calimshan and the cities of Calimport and Almravien. With the mention of the latter destination bringing a number of arcane types into the city to be transported to the Annual Almraiven Symposium of the Arcane held at a young but renowned arcane college in the town – Almraiven Academy.

Company Tundag is also expected back soon for the pending trial of Villisi Caravaggio. The Foehammer has been running training missions for new crew members to replace some that were lost on their recent travels. A group of dwarves from Tower Tundag has been called up with another batch from Mithral Hall joining the tower to train in the ranks of the Tundag faithful. From time to time the four adventureres head out with the Foehammer, particulary if some orcs need to be squashed in Torvel’s case or if there is a rare supply of pipeweed in the area in Kaleb’s case. Fugaz has been given access to the quaint library area, thankfully one of the only quiet places in Tower Tundag. And as one can imagine in the company of mainly dwarves, the library is seldom used except by a select few. This area is welcoming for the research of spells and the like, the room on the Foehammer a bit cramped for proper research. Sansin fits in real nice with the crew and they often come to him after a particularity hard days work or tough battle. The two dwarves are treated like brothers by the other dwarves with the halfling and tiefling still gazed at occasionally as outsiders. But in general these two are well regarded as well as they are keeping their behavior and all night drunks in check.

Off to See the Wizard

A gift of a curious bottle delivered to the local temple resulted in the party having a spiritual journey. The four were transported to a fog filled open plane – bleak and desolate. Again, a bony dragon like form assaulted them – this one different from the last and as deadly as ever! The heroes managed to best the foul beast within the spirit world and returned safely to the pirate city.

The fated four eventually took to the air after a resupply run through the city. The Foehammer made its way through the beautiful skies of Faerun towards the Dalelands and the ruins of an arcane academy. Here the airship was set upon by protective traps and summoning glyphs. The fated four did their best to fight off a vicious Manticore. Within the walls of the half submerged academy the four saw a curious sight. Although the whole of the architecture remained in ruin, an area in the center of the abandoned office looks pristine and almost welcoming. however when Sansin set foot upon the area, many large phase spiders appeared as well as a large winter wolf – who begged the question:

“What do you come for?”

The four attempted to explain their circumstance but the spiders and a couple gargoyle’s kept pressing in. The four managed to defend themselves from a seemingly unstoppable onslaught of spiders while the gargoyles toyed with the group as well. Fugaz utilized his potent fire to keep the arachnids at bay. During the encounter, the large winter wolf disappeared down the hallway of the ruined academy out of sight. He eventually returned however, and he was not alone. A wizard, the apparent proprietor of this ruined arcane academy, appeared with the wolf – confused and stern in his mannerisms. He wanted to know what the four came for as well. The wizard was dressed in green and yellow robes and looked aged well beyond his youthful appearance. The fated four explained their situation. An airship called The Vindicator with a pirate/dragon hunter cambion was seeking out a mad silver dragon the apparently laired here. The wizard said no dragons laired here and seemed unconcerned – dismissive even.

Fugaz had been eying a curious box on the central desk in the ruined chamber. He wanted to take it but thought twice about it. The unnamed wizard in green robes seemed to take note of this and practically forced the object on Fugaz. The tiefling took the box sceptically but without reluctance. The wizard then asked the four to leave – which they did. However, before they left the wizard asked them what they knew of “The Court of Rorn.” Knowing nothing, the four showed ignorance which pleased the wizard it seemed.

Back aboard Company Tundag’s airship, the four decided to set out towards the other known location the silver dragon – Loudwater. On the third day in the sky, the Thunder Hammer was set upon by The Vindicator, a faster ship. The four manned the balista and managed to do a number on Villisi’s ship. Out of nowhere the silver dragon appeared! It too ransacked the ship! The combo attack forced the ship to the scrubland of Netheril where the four adventurers managed to get the duergar crew to surrender Villisi for the sake of their lives. Many had already been lost in the attack and crash. Kaleb tried to slay Villisi to no avail while Torvel acted as a Paladin would and helped to spare the pirates life. Upon returning to the floating pirate city, Villisi was put in prison and will stand trial forthcoming. Kaleb tried to rekindle his relationship with Shil but her heart is still with Villisi as the clever Kaleb overheard her say she would free him……and get Kaleb to help her do it.

Silas' Sanctum

From the abandoned drow outpost, the adventurers headed due east toward the ruins of the dilapidated drow city of S’kleelt. The city was rumored to have been ravaged by the Spellplague and all but abandoned. Approaching the city, the party was well aware that they were being shadowed by drow during their approach. As the heroes made their may into and through the city the drow pursuers scattered, eventually revealing themselves to the fated four. The group turned out to be nothing but a rogue band of pirates exiled from the Sanctum. Under the command of an aged Beholder the rouge group attempted to shake down the party for whatever riches could get them back in good graces with Silas. The only wealth the Beholder received however was keeping his own life in tact. The heroes showed their might and wanting nothing to do with death, the beholder left the scene as reinforcements arrived to secure his escape. While this was all going down, the fated four noticed the “tentacled horror” referred to on Kurkar’s map – a mind flayer associate who kept his intentions a secret.

As the party cleared the city and began to make their way up “The Ascent,” more drow came to “welcome” them. A drow elf dressed in the height of pirate fashion sat perched on a throne at the top of long flight of steps. Flanking him was another beholder, smaller and less intimidating and the same mind flayer the group saw when they traversed the city. The drow elf declared himslef to be Silas and ordered the heroes to prove themselves by demonstrating their prowess in battle. After dispatching a few drow the beholder lost the will to fight, knowing the heroes already bested one of greater might than himself. Eventually “Silas” revealed himself to be an impostor – a ruse in case the heroes tried anything funny. After a brief discussion of trust the adventurers agreed to be blindfolded and led through a series of doors and hallways in a dizzying fashion. It was not long before the heroes felt their feet hit soil but were surprised to see that they were still underground in a vast cavern housing a luxurious mansion. The four approached of their own accord and saw a mound of wealth and offerings laid in the entryway to the the Sanctum. Kaleb reluctantly made the offering of 5,000 gold and the four were finally given audience with Silas.

Silas turned out to be a halfling, not a drow (or so it appeared) and lived up to his word. He gave the party the information they required. The silver dragon Villisi is looking for resides in a ruined arcane academy in the Dalelands. He was most recently seen assaulting something called a “dark spire” near the town of Loudwater, a considerable distance from The Dales. Before leaving however, the group decided to fork over another 2,500 gp for the location of Villisi’s base of operation’s – which turned out to be the thieves den town under Waterdeep – the seedy and dangerous town of Skullport. The adventurers were offered a nights rest but refused, wanting to get on their way. They were offered a one way ticket back to Yaulazna on one condition, speak nothing of Silas or his Sanctum. A ritual coin was pressed into their palms as arcane energies sealed their promise within their minds.

Now The Fated Four prepare to head towards the Dalelands and this insane silver dragon who at one time was rumored to be a wizard of great power – wronged decades ago. What do the four have in store for the dragon? Will they make it there before Villisi? Time will tell…

Into The Depths

Having lowered themselves successfully down the rope the adventurers set out into the underdark of the pirate city of Yaulazna. It was not long before the group came to a peculiar area. On the map Capt. Kurkar gave them the area was noted as “The Myconid Caverns.” Large mushrooms littered the cavern floor and some even towered over the heads of the group. It was here that the group was set upon by a couple Darkmantle’s from above, their low pitch sonic screams alerted more nearby enemies as well.

A pair of green slime oozes fell from the ceiling and also engaged the party. As the four fought hard to overcome the odds, the myconids appeared. Not realizing the reason there was a fight raging on their doorstep, the mushroom men attacked both the party and the other underdark denizens. It became clear who was on what side eventually and the myconids quickly lowered their defenses in regards to the party. The myconids explained to the fated four that the way ahead was shut – a cave in caused by a mysterious shadowy force had all but blocked the way to Silas Sanctum. After some deliberation the mushroom men allowed the characters to traverse the edge of their home cavern and showed them a safe way to get to their next destination – a ruined drow outpost on the outskirts of an abandoned drow city.

It was here the party was set upon again by drow elves, wanting riches for payment of their passing through the domain of the drow. Fugaz would have none of this and escalated the situation to a battle of odds. In the end the fated four prevailed, but not without struggle. Here the party took a brief rest and prepared to set off for the Sanctum. The party is only around six hours into their travel and already making great time. Villisi would still be in the air, not even halfway to Thay. Despite the struggles of the underdark and its many minions, the party’s situation is looking good. So far, everything is going according to the plan. But the plan is fixing to become unclear as soon as the fated four arrive at Silas’s Sanctum where obviously anything could happen.

The Next Move

After the hairy Company squabble was resolved, the Fated Four made their way back to Tower Tundag. Here they met with Captain Kurkar to discuss their next course of action. During the meeting Shil Yargo payed them a visit, offering her condolences for what Villisi had done to the Foehammer – she had not known until he bragged after the squabble.

The bait that Kaleb the Clever left for her was too obvious for Shil, but she passed the info on to Villisi anyways as a way of her letting them know that she did not agree with what her lover had done to their Company. The meeting continued and it was decided that Villisi could head for Thay, to meet his contact. This neogi slaver has key information on the silver dragon that Villisi is now hunting. However, as Villisi began his flight across Faerun, the Fated Four would pay a visit to a drow pirate king by the name of Silas who resides within the floating airmote of Yaulazna. This drow has more knowledge than a bard of Oghma so it is said and for the right price, he can tell them exactly what needs to be known to locate this dragon before Villisi. What happens then is still uncertain, but letting another dragon fall into the hands of Villisi cannot be a good thing. Shil wished Kaleb her best and gave him a black silk rope of climbing, claiming he would need it.

The adventurers quickly made their way to the sewer entrance and with the aid of a map Kurkar had lent them, the Fated Four made their way through the labyrinth of twisting tunnels and perilous caverns that intersected them. The adventurers dealt with some pirate thugs along the way and even deeper into the sewers, a group of drow elves and their battle wight. Triumphant in their trials, the four finally made it to a hundred foot chasm at the grated mouth of a yawning sewer wall. Kaleb quickly knew what to do and got out of his new rope and the four started their descent into the underdark below the sewers in the heart of the earthmote. Somewhere beyond lies the fortified stronghold of a drow pirate king – what awaits the adventurers here however is uncertain…


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