Rowan Westfall

Stoic Avenger of Oghma dressed in cloaks and robes. He carries with him an intimidating Urgosh.


Stubble faced human dressed in grey and white robes. Generally he keeps his cowl low over his eyes revealing only his lower facial features. With medium length hair and pale blue eyes, Rowan (or Wes as he is more commonly known) would stick out in any tavern as a handsome man. A man of few words but great devotion. He considers himself to be above many clerics of his faith who would squabble and bicker over their hypocritical dogmatic traditions that they hold so dear. Wes speaks for Oghma through the blade of his urgosh, and his words are generally the final ones that any who would oppose his lord hear before they are sent to meet their maker.


Living sandwiched in a small town that fell between the outskirts of an orc kingdom and a dwarven stronghold., Rowan Westfall spent his younger days playing with local children and generally just being a kid. The orcs and the dwarves were bitter enemies and would frequently battle each other around the village.

There was always something calm and rational about him though and he quickly became looked up to as an arbiter of sorts within the small ranking of his young friends. Tragedy befell Rowan at a young age as well. Rowan’s father (also named Rowan) was a proud man, and taught young Rowan to always give everyone their fair due. This trait resulted in Rowan senior deciding to not sever trade ties with the orcs, at the request of the dwarves. The dwarves wanted to give the orcs zero reasons to “come out of their smelly holes.” Rowans father insisted on keeping the trade open to the displeasure of the dwarves.

One night some orcs from the nearby kingdom got real sauced up and decided to raid Rowan’s village. Many villagers fell before the orcs left with females, loot and food. The village was ruined and the refugees began to head to the dwarven stronghold for sanctuary. In the raid, Rowan’s father was numbered among the many that were killed that night, defending the village. Young Rowan was shattered, alone in the world now as an only child – his mother having died at child birth. He quickly became a reclusive child within the halls of the dwarven stronghold, speaking to no one and wondering constantly about the nature of the world and all the ideas that flowed in and out of it – ideas that resulted in many decisions that always seemed to change the flow of things, day by day – minute to minute. By day Wes would break rocks with the dwarves, gaining strength and discipline – constantly locked within his own mind.

But by night…Rowan would dream. In his dreams, it was as if he was transported to a divine place – transcending the fabric of his earthly plane. In this dreamscape, Wes would visit a monastery where others that thought like he did learned how to set right what would go so wrong in the world – the Art of the Avenger.

Rowan remained vigilant and obedient to the dwarves who immediately took to calling him Wes, short for his last name – Westfall. The name change was a constant reminder that his father was shamed to the dwarves – having been blamed for the orcs raid. Wes never agreed or disagreed with the dwarves, and knew his place in their world. Over the years Wes grew even more refined as a man and loved by the dwarves. He trained with them and developed a kinship to their ancient racial weapon the urgosh. A sad day came when Rowan was given a calling through his dream training – a calling to set out into the world and set right what can go so wrong. His duty now was to do Oghma’s will and he set his body into motion as a piece in the ever evolving divine puzzle that is the will of the gods.

Rowan Westfall

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