• Fugaz the Firemind

    Fugaz the Firemind

    A tiefling wizard with an affinity for fire.
  • Kaleb the Clever

    Kaleb the Clever

    A cocky and brash halfling rogue with a love for mischief, riches and women.
  • Rowan Westfall

    Rowan Westfall

    Stoic Avenger of Oghma dressed in cloaks and robes. He carries with him an intimidating Urgosh.
  • Sansin the Meek

    Sansin the Meek

    A cleric of Moradin who dabbles in pacifism....not in Nam of course.
  • Torvel the Bold

    Torvel the Bold

    Paladin devoted to Moradin.
  • Baron Icabod Von Vanderweed

    Baron Icabod Von Vanderweed

    Also known as The Collector. Owns many, many items he is not willing to part with.
  • Captain Kurkar

    Captain Kurkar

    Fiery bearded dwarf captain of Company Tundag's ship.
  • Dourven Stahl

    Dourven Stahl

    Mentor to all the Fated Four - taught Fugaz magic.
  • Rilita of the Rooftops

    Rilita of the Rooftops

    Infamous cat burglar of Airspur. Possesor of a kind heart and great skills in evasion.
  • Shil Yargo

    Shil Yargo

    Female halfling captain of Company Yargo - childhood friends with Kaleb
  • Villisi Caravaggio

    Villisi Caravaggio

    Flamboyant cambian and Captain of airship Vindicator. Hates Kaleb with a passion and is involved romantically with Shil Yargo, captain of Company Yargo.