Company Tundag


The Fated Four enjoyed about a month of downtime in the floating pirate city of Yaulazna. The small city is noted around Faerun as one of the most convenient markets around since it literally can float to your very doorstep. The floating city regularly “docks” near large sites that are not near towns as well near very large towns as a sort of attraction. The shop owners of Yaulazna pay hefty prices to members of the Five Companies for exotic wares. Knowing that olive oil from Airspur is highly prized in Calimport can fetch one a nice living if they had the time. So much is true regarding other wares from around the realms. One can only imagine the mercantile not to mention political pull that each companies ruling council has to deal with throughout the realms. In general Yaulazna shies away from hostile territory, such as Netheril and Thay and is regarded as keeping out of Company business for the main part. There are exceptions however and the merchants of Yaulazna have recently been pressuring certain companies to get more and more exotic goods in greater and greater numbers. With airships still being a rarity around the Realms one can see why the Companies stay so busy.

The group enjoyed layover time in Waterdeep, Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter and has most recently docked above Candlekeep. Yaulazna is most welcome here as many scholars that shack up in the halls of the keep and drown themselves in books rarely set foot off the premises. Yaulazna caters specifically to theses types. Work continues on the restoration of Villisi’s Vindicator as the devil-pirate sits in lock up awaiting his pending trial for acts of hostility against the five companies. Each of the Five Companies has a vote in whether Villisi is pardoned of his wrong doings, exiles or worse. The Companies still run daily weekly charters. Captain Kurkar of Company Tundag made the Fated Four honorary members and they are welcome aboard the Foehammer at all times. Kurkar has been running minor charters that are area specific around Yaulazna, wherever it may be at the time. As business wraps up at Candlekeep the floating city of Yaulazna is scheduled to head to Calimshan and the cities of Calimport and Almravien. With the mention of the latter destination bringing a number of arcane types into the city to be transported to the Annual Almraiven Symposium of the Arcane held at a young but renowned arcane college in the town – Almraiven Academy.

Company Tundag is also expected back soon for the pending trial of Villisi Caravaggio. The Foehammer has been running training missions for new crew members to replace some that were lost on their recent travels. A group of dwarves from Tower Tundag has been called up with another batch from Mithral Hall joining the tower to train in the ranks of the Tundag faithful. From time to time the four adventureres head out with the Foehammer, particulary if some orcs need to be squashed in Torvel’s case or if there is a rare supply of pipeweed in the area in Kaleb’s case. Fugaz has been given access to the quaint library area, thankfully one of the only quiet places in Tower Tundag. And as one can imagine in the company of mainly dwarves, the library is seldom used except by a select few. This area is welcoming for the research of spells and the like, the room on the Foehammer a bit cramped for proper research. Sansin fits in real nice with the crew and they often come to him after a particularity hard days work or tough battle. The two dwarves are treated like brothers by the other dwarves with the halfling and tiefling still gazed at occasionally as outsiders. But in general these two are well regarded as well as they are keeping their behavior and all night drunks in check.



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