Company Tundag

The Show Must Go On

Captain Kurkar called a meeting with the Tundag council. He explained the ruse put forth by the unwitting Shil Yargo. The pen was truly mightier than the sword in those rigged negotiations. Kurkar basically told the group that he feels better with them at his side. Company Tundag should ride again! He then produced the warrant for Villisi’s capture – dead or alive for crimes against the Five Companies. All of the companies have this order and Kurkar feels that if Villisi were to come at them it is better to all be together than separated. The group enthusiastically agree and a call is let out – COMPANY TUNDAG, HUZZAH!

The group set out on their first charter since returning. An escort mission to the Pyramid of the Moon. Along the way they encounter a darkly clad wizard on board hitching a ride to the Pyramid. He introduced himself as Osiris. He happened to have the key that Fugaz was looking for! He also hoped to not return from The Pyramid of the Moon…a strange place that never appears in the same placetwice and only when Selune’s constellation is the most bright and the moon is full. Here one can visit those who have passed on…particularly if they are devoted to Selune. This usually takes place near the jungles of Chult.

After flying around for quite some time the Foehammer spied the pyramid off in the distance. The touched down and had a scrappy encounter with some rogue Yuan-Ti on their way. At the Pyramid the group entered and kind of got lost in the revelry as there was much rejoicing within. Song, dance, poetry, laughter….the atmosphere itself was literally quite intoxicating. The group managed to pull themselves out of it however and make it back to the Foehammer. They never learned what happened to the dark mage Osiris.

Back at Tower Tundag the group restocked supplies and prepared to get on with yet another charter. Hoping that they find Villisi before the dastardly pirate comes at them again in an ambush or worse.



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