Company Tundag

The Next Move

After the hairy Company squabble was resolved, the Fated Four made their way back to Tower Tundag. Here they met with Captain Kurkar to discuss their next course of action. During the meeting Shil Yargo payed them a visit, offering her condolences for what Villisi had done to the Foehammer – she had not known until he bragged after the squabble.

The bait that Kaleb the Clever left for her was too obvious for Shil, but she passed the info on to Villisi anyways as a way of her letting them know that she did not agree with what her lover had done to their Company. The meeting continued and it was decided that Villisi could head for Thay, to meet his contact. This neogi slaver has key information on the silver dragon that Villisi is now hunting. However, as Villisi began his flight across Faerun, the Fated Four would pay a visit to a drow pirate king by the name of Silas who resides within the floating airmote of Yaulazna. This drow has more knowledge than a bard of Oghma so it is said and for the right price, he can tell them exactly what needs to be known to locate this dragon before Villisi. What happens then is still uncertain, but letting another dragon fall into the hands of Villisi cannot be a good thing. Shil wished Kaleb her best and gave him a black silk rope of climbing, claiming he would need it.

The adventurers quickly made their way to the sewer entrance and with the aid of a map Kurkar had lent them, the Fated Four made their way through the labyrinth of twisting tunnels and perilous caverns that intersected them. The adventurers dealt with some pirate thugs along the way and even deeper into the sewers, a group of drow elves and their battle wight. Triumphant in their trials, the four finally made it to a hundred foot chasm at the grated mouth of a yawning sewer wall. Kaleb quickly knew what to do and got out of his new rope and the four started their descent into the underdark below the sewers in the heart of the earthmote. Somewhere beyond lies the fortified stronghold of a drow pirate king – what awaits the adventurers here however is uncertain…



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