Company Tundag

Silas' Sanctum

From the abandoned drow outpost, the adventurers headed due east toward the ruins of the dilapidated drow city of S’kleelt. The city was rumored to have been ravaged by the Spellplague and all but abandoned. Approaching the city, the party was well aware that they were being shadowed by drow during their approach. As the heroes made their may into and through the city the drow pursuers scattered, eventually revealing themselves to the fated four. The group turned out to be nothing but a rogue band of pirates exiled from the Sanctum. Under the command of an aged Beholder the rouge group attempted to shake down the party for whatever riches could get them back in good graces with Silas. The only wealth the Beholder received however was keeping his own life in tact. The heroes showed their might and wanting nothing to do with death, the beholder left the scene as reinforcements arrived to secure his escape. While this was all going down, the fated four noticed the “tentacled horror” referred to on Kurkar’s map – a mind flayer associate who kept his intentions a secret.

As the party cleared the city and began to make their way up “The Ascent,” more drow came to “welcome” them. A drow elf dressed in the height of pirate fashion sat perched on a throne at the top of long flight of steps. Flanking him was another beholder, smaller and less intimidating and the same mind flayer the group saw when they traversed the city. The drow elf declared himslef to be Silas and ordered the heroes to prove themselves by demonstrating their prowess in battle. After dispatching a few drow the beholder lost the will to fight, knowing the heroes already bested one of greater might than himself. Eventually “Silas” revealed himself to be an impostor – a ruse in case the heroes tried anything funny. After a brief discussion of trust the adventurers agreed to be blindfolded and led through a series of doors and hallways in a dizzying fashion. It was not long before the heroes felt their feet hit soil but were surprised to see that they were still underground in a vast cavern housing a luxurious mansion. The four approached of their own accord and saw a mound of wealth and offerings laid in the entryway to the the Sanctum. Kaleb reluctantly made the offering of 5,000 gold and the four were finally given audience with Silas.

Silas turned out to be a halfling, not a drow (or so it appeared) and lived up to his word. He gave the party the information they required. The silver dragon Villisi is looking for resides in a ruined arcane academy in the Dalelands. He was most recently seen assaulting something called a “dark spire” near the town of Loudwater, a considerable distance from The Dales. Before leaving however, the group decided to fork over another 2,500 gp for the location of Villisi’s base of operation’s – which turned out to be the thieves den town under Waterdeep – the seedy and dangerous town of Skullport. The adventurers were offered a nights rest but refused, wanting to get on their way. They were offered a one way ticket back to Yaulazna on one condition, speak nothing of Silas or his Sanctum. A ritual coin was pressed into their palms as arcane energies sealed their promise within their minds.

Now The Fated Four prepare to head towards the Dalelands and this insane silver dragon who at one time was rumored to be a wizard of great power – wronged decades ago. What do the four have in store for the dragon? Will they make it there before Villisi? Time will tell…



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