Company Tundag

Returning to Almraiven

The four found Cassipo the artist after traversing the strange far realm. He was delirious and speaking chaotically but joined the group. Eventually the group made their way to Thuriya and the overcame her shifting terrain tactics and potent spells. When she fell three avatars of the stars appeared from within her. The Scion of Gibbeth, The Maw of Arcanum and the Herald of Hadar. These three entities proved very formidable but with sound teamwork the group bested them as well and fled through the book back to Almraiven.

The group met up with the town guard and explained what happened. They turned Thuriya over to the guard who took her to the Temple of Chanteau to rest and heal. The guard as well as the college are most grateful and promise the hero’s rewards. The college agrees to locate any magic item of their chosen within reason for each of the four and the guard offers them other rewards. Thuriya also expressed interest in meeting back up with the group to thank them once she is healed.

At Tundag tower the group were seeing to an odd revelation. Villisi’s trial had come and gone. Kaleb seemed to have secured the vote needed to exile Villisi from the Five Companies towers but from the pirate city itself. The cambion also retained possession of his ship, curently in the hands of Tower Tundag. Even though Kaleb spoke with all the companies urging them to execute the pirate his vote was cast for exile confusing many and angering some. Captain Kurkar wanted to speak with the halfling but Kaleb was busy trying to work on the remains of the Vindicator. He had visions of some kind of trap door or something. The other three met up with him and asked what happened and it was assumed that Shil had indeed pulled the wool over Kalebs eyes and got him to help her free Villisi.

The four were surprised to see Company Yargo flying towards them in their airship. Villisi gloating behind Shil at the rail. As they bot antagonized Company Tundag and notably Kaleb the group pointed out that Villisi was not going to get his ship back the way he wanted it. He smiled wickedly proclaiming that he already had a ship as he drove his rapier through Shil and cast her over the side of the airship! She hit the top of Tower Tundag with a sickening thud and Torvel used his boots of quickness to make it to her side. Sansin joined him and they tried to do whatever they could to help Shil but she was non responsive.

On the boat, the Buccaneer’s Tear, a mutiny began as what remained of Villisi’s faithful attacked the halflings and human ranks of Yargo. What became of this mutiny is uncertain but a few halflings were cast over the side by the vile dwarves as the boat veered off into the distance away from the floating city. Tundag now has vital information of the attempted murder of the head of Company Yargo and the hijacking of the Buccaneer’s Tear.



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