Company Tundag

Off to See the Wizard

A gift of a curious bottle delivered to the local temple resulted in the party having a spiritual journey. The four were transported to a fog filled open plane – bleak and desolate. Again, a bony dragon like form assaulted them – this one different from the last and as deadly as ever! The heroes managed to best the foul beast within the spirit world and returned safely to the pirate city.

The fated four eventually took to the air after a resupply run through the city. The Foehammer made its way through the beautiful skies of Faerun towards the Dalelands and the ruins of an arcane academy. Here the airship was set upon by protective traps and summoning glyphs. The fated four did their best to fight off a vicious Manticore. Within the walls of the half submerged academy the four saw a curious sight. Although the whole of the architecture remained in ruin, an area in the center of the abandoned office looks pristine and almost welcoming. however when Sansin set foot upon the area, many large phase spiders appeared as well as a large winter wolf – who begged the question:

“What do you come for?”

The four attempted to explain their circumstance but the spiders and a couple gargoyle’s kept pressing in. The four managed to defend themselves from a seemingly unstoppable onslaught of spiders while the gargoyles toyed with the group as well. Fugaz utilized his potent fire to keep the arachnids at bay. During the encounter, the large winter wolf disappeared down the hallway of the ruined academy out of sight. He eventually returned however, and he was not alone. A wizard, the apparent proprietor of this ruined arcane academy, appeared with the wolf – confused and stern in his mannerisms. He wanted to know what the four came for as well. The wizard was dressed in green and yellow robes and looked aged well beyond his youthful appearance. The fated four explained their situation. An airship called The Vindicator with a pirate/dragon hunter cambion was seeking out a mad silver dragon the apparently laired here. The wizard said no dragons laired here and seemed unconcerned – dismissive even.

Fugaz had been eying a curious box on the central desk in the ruined chamber. He wanted to take it but thought twice about it. The unnamed wizard in green robes seemed to take note of this and practically forced the object on Fugaz. The tiefling took the box sceptically but without reluctance. The wizard then asked the four to leave – which they did. However, before they left the wizard asked them what they knew of “The Court of Rorn.” Knowing nothing, the four showed ignorance which pleased the wizard it seemed.

Back aboard Company Tundag’s airship, the four decided to set out towards the other known location the silver dragon – Loudwater. On the third day in the sky, the Thunder Hammer was set upon by The Vindicator, a faster ship. The four manned the balista and managed to do a number on Villisi’s ship. Out of nowhere the silver dragon appeared! It too ransacked the ship! The combo attack forced the ship to the scrubland of Netheril where the four adventurers managed to get the duergar crew to surrender Villisi for the sake of their lives. Many had already been lost in the attack and crash. Kaleb tried to slay Villisi to no avail while Torvel acted as a Paladin would and helped to spare the pirates life. Upon returning to the floating pirate city, Villisi was put in prison and will stand trial forthcoming. Kaleb tried to rekindle his relationship with Shil but her heart is still with Villisi as the clever Kaleb overheard her say she would free him……and get Kaleb to help her do it.



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