Company Tundag

Into The Depths

Having lowered themselves successfully down the rope the adventurers set out into the underdark of the pirate city of Yaulazna. It was not long before the group came to a peculiar area. On the map Capt. Kurkar gave them the area was noted as “The Myconid Caverns.” Large mushrooms littered the cavern floor and some even towered over the heads of the group. It was here that the group was set upon by a couple Darkmantle’s from above, their low pitch sonic screams alerted more nearby enemies as well.

A pair of green slime oozes fell from the ceiling and also engaged the party. As the four fought hard to overcome the odds, the myconids appeared. Not realizing the reason there was a fight raging on their doorstep, the mushroom men attacked both the party and the other underdark denizens. It became clear who was on what side eventually and the myconids quickly lowered their defenses in regards to the party. The myconids explained to the fated four that the way ahead was shut – a cave in caused by a mysterious shadowy force had all but blocked the way to Silas Sanctum. After some deliberation the mushroom men allowed the characters to traverse the edge of their home cavern and showed them a safe way to get to their next destination – a ruined drow outpost on the outskirts of an abandoned drow city.

It was here the party was set upon again by drow elves, wanting riches for payment of their passing through the domain of the drow. Fugaz would have none of this and escalated the situation to a battle of odds. In the end the fated four prevailed, but not without struggle. Here the party took a brief rest and prepared to set off for the Sanctum. The party is only around six hours into their travel and already making great time. Villisi would still be in the air, not even halfway to Thay. Despite the struggles of the underdark and its many minions, the party’s situation is looking good. So far, everything is going according to the plan. But the plan is fixing to become unclear as soon as the fated four arrive at Silas’s Sanctum where obviously anything could happen.



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