Company Tundag

Dustwell and Beyond

In the dusty area of town reserved for artists, poets and struggling musicians the group encountered two vicious Hounds of Tindalos. As fierce as they were the were no rival for their fearless pack lord. This trio was also joined by a large tentacled horror. These formidable opponents proved extremely tough to take down for even though well placed hits rang true they were displaced by the distorting aura of the odd beasts.

Being an not too prominent are of town the Dustwell is not regularly patrolled by the town guards. Even though there were a couple willing guards they were no match for the outsider beasts. A couple wizards tried to get involved but were also no help. Only through perseverance did the four finally best the foul monsters. Well that and the timely assistance of the Captain of Company Yargo, Shil Yargo. She playfully antagonized Kaleb while weaving true strikes with her blades. The group then followed the trail of destruction left in the wake of the beasts carnage.

After the battle Shil spoke with the group as the guards arrived and got the story and began clean up. Shil told the group that she needed the signature of a crew member to seek out the Foehammer which has been out of port for too long. The Five Companies have a standing order to not get involved in other Companies business so this is necessary. Currently Company Yargo is the only docked boat out of the five companies able to perform the task as the confiscated Vindicator is still being rebuilt to Company Tundags specifications. Kaleb gave her his signature with a very finely weighted pen and watched that fine ass walk away with a bounce in her step. She told them to inquire with her later when they finished up with their business in town. Preparations are being made for Company Yargo to head out at dawns early light if need be.

After Shil left the group followed a trail of debris to Cassipo’s Studio – as proclaimed by the hand painted sign near where the front door should have been. The front facade of the dwelling having a rather huge hole in its exterior. Inside the group found the place in general disarray but the most notable feature was the larger than life pervulsion diagram drawn to precision on one major wall. The only notable feature out of the ordinary besides the artists belongings was a rather ornate dagger. There was a bit of blood on the handle but none on the ground or diagram-covered wall. As the group generally scrounged around for answers Kaleb approached the wall. In a mesmerized fashion the halfling reached out and touched the wall…the diagram expanding and contracting at odd angles as the lines of the intricately carved diagram were viewed at various angles. Kaleb then got a blank stare on his face as he reached out and picked up the dagger off the floor. He looked at the dagger for but a brief instance before taking it to his arm slashing a deep gash in his forearm. The group watched in horror as the rogues blood threatened to drip into a pool on the floor but instead flowed freely into the diagram filling the lines and turning the twisting piece of art into a crimson web. Kaleb’s body followed as he was ripped into the planar diagram. The four had no choice but to take the blade to themselves offering a sacrifice of blood in the hoped of following their small friend.

As they orient themselves once hitting an odd surface they realize they are not certain where they are. It is surely not Faerun however…the soft purple ground shifts and undulates irregularly. The plains swell upwards into hills that then suddenly melt away into valleys. Large chunks of the ground periodically tear themselves loose and float away. They descend and melt back into the surface some distance away similar to lava. The sky seems low enough to touch and is an iridescent green with reddish ripples shifting irregularly through it. There does not seem to be any plant or animal life here. Nothing is moving but the ground. It’s hard to be certain though as your sense of depth seems skewed here. There is no sign of the portal you came through nor Thuraiya or her artist friend Cassipo. However, the curve of the horizon is oddly close denoting this world is not very large…surely they must be around here somewhere.



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