Company Tundag


The Foehammer left its latest dock of Candlekeep with quite a few scholars and wizardly types who were venturing to Almraiven in the war torn region of Calimshan for a magical symposium at the locally acclaimed arcane academy. During the symposium in which Fugaz gave a demonstration a number of firey genasi invaded the scene apparently looking for a “her” that was not there. In her stead they set their eyes on whatever wizard they could get their hands on from the stage…notably Fugaz.

The group dispatched these intruders as the battle spilled to the outside of the lecture hall. Some were fatally wounded while others were knocked unconscious by the more honorable of the party. Sansin even took to healing the wounded. It was not long before the town guard showed up on campus. While the guards were interrogating the prisoners Captain Azim was being briefed by the party. He got the low down from his subordinates and explained to the group that they were looking for a graduate student of the academy named Thuraiya who was suppose to be presenting at that time. She apparently did not show up and the genasi know that she was involved in some pretty revolutionary teleportation research. The genasi’s lord Memnon the Efreet instructed them to capture the scholar in the hopes that her research could allow his forces to assault Almraiven.

Azim asked them to follow three leads and help him as his men are stretched thin as it is. He told them to check out Thuraiya’s apartment, her office on campus and also gives them the name of a contact at the college library. The group first went to Thuraiya’s office. Here they found her lab notes that seem to indicate that she was “so close to a breakthrough” and that she needed to "find someone who could recreate the pervulsion diagram accurately and on a large scale. The notes indicate that the “pervulsian diagram” is a key to establishing large, semi-permanent gateway to another plane. As her notes go on and on they get more frantic and show signs of obsession. The turn in attitude occurs roughly three weeks ago.

Next they met with the librarian Beckley. The man wore glasses thicker than any the group had ever seen. The man explained that Thuraiya reviewed many books on magical theory, teleportation, and planar travel. Recently…three weeks ago she acquired three loaner books from Candlekeep. She checked back in all but one. Geometries of Planar Passage, Vol III. Beckley let the group inspect the other volumes on on Vol. II the group found a curious substance. Beckley checked the shipping manifest and indeed the book arrived in that condition form Candlekeep. The book had an odd oily black substance on it that shimmered purple iridescent in certain light.

Lastly they checked out her apartment. They got allowance in by Abra and Omran, a elderly landlord couple. This cramped space is quite tidy with no signs of anything unusual happening recently. Upon inspection the group find several odd sketches of diagrams similar to the ones in the books she referenced. The drawings are not well done and obviously scrawled by someone not skilled in the fine arts. On one of the notes amidst scrawled out nonsense are the words “Not good enough! Need a real artist!” The drawings do depict portal activity in some areas similar to the ones in the volumes from the library. Upon leaving the group asked Abra where they could find artists and she told them the “Dustwell” part of town and points them in the right direction.



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